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Rethinking Cannabis Use Post Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is a first for all of us. And since it took a hold of the world, things have changed to a great extent as a measure to avoid further spread. The cannabis industry is no less in this aspect. To keep minimal interaction among people, cannabis is now delivered at home and telemedicine is preferred by new users to get MMJ Cards in Riverside. These are just a few of the many steps that have been taken to keep the surroundings safe for the staff as well as the customers. But while the cannabis industry is doing its part, the consumers need to show responsibility on their own too.

I’m sure you must have been very cautious with cannabis during the lockdown. But, now the world is slowly getting back to normal. And the ease in restrictions does not mean you can go easy with the precautionary measures too. If anything, you have to be more careful than you were during the lockdown. So what does the post lockdown cannabis culture look like? Let’s take a peek.

Will it get back to normal?

Don’t want to burst your bubble of hope but it’s highly unlikely for anything to be going back to the way it was let alone the cannabis industry. By now, all of us have learned about the infectious nature of the disease and how quickly it spreads. Up till the stay at home orders, people had no choice but to remain in their homes. Now, the orders are lifted but the disease still remains. So protective masks, social distancing and hygiene are your only hope at being safe. At least until the vaccine arrives which is only possible somewhere in 2021. 

So while the scientists work on building a deployable vaccine, it’s time that you rethink the way you use and handle cannabis, especially the unsaid rules or etiquettes. Let me help with a few of these revamped ways of cannabis use that you should follow until it’s safe for everyone to go around without a mask. 

Sharing Isn’t Caring Anymore

If you have been using cannabis for a long time, you must have come across some of the unsaid rules or etiquettes of cannabis. One of these etiquettes is the infamous ‘puff, puff and pass’ rule. For those who aren’t aware, it means that if you are smoking a joint in a group, you must take a puff and pass it on. Being selfish wasn’t considered a polite gesture. But, since the pandemic, things have taken a 180° turn for good. 

Being selfish with cannabis is a new way of being polite. We all know that COVID-19 spreads from direct or indirect human contact. So if you are talking to an infected person, touching their hands or touching the things they touched, your chances of getting sick are very high. And all these boxes are checked when you puff and pass. 

You are not just sharing the joint but also the virus. The joint becomes a carrier of the infection from the infected person’s mouth as well as hands. So you directly expose yourself to the disease. This is why all you have to do is be selfish. Let everyone carry their own stuff. And when you do smoke with your peers, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet because you’ll not be able to guess who has COVID-19 and who doesn’t.

Non-smokeable Options Are On The Rise

During the pandemic, cannabis sales were on a rise. But even with the record sales, smokeable were being overshadowed by edibles and other non-smokable options. The reason for this is quite obvious. 

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, that is it attacks your lungs. And smoking is associated with the severity of COVID-19 symptoms (suggested by WHO). This public knowledge is the reason why a major population of cannabis consumers shifted to non-smokables. Whether you call it a safety measure or a preference, this change was evident. And for the right reasons too. Smokeless cannabis options pose fewer health risks than joints, bongs and vapes.  And at the moment, there is nothing more important than health. 

This shift will continue even when the nation is initiating the unlock process. Because now, the probability of exposure is higher. So while you wear a mask and stay indoors as much as possible, if your condition allows you to shift to smokeless options, you must consider it.

Gatherings Won’t Resume Anytime Soon

The most important step to staying safe from COVID-19 is social distancing. And as long as this safety measure stays relevant, you won’t be seeing any social gatherings happening. 

The US is a melting point of many cannabis conventions, trade shows and festivals. Many of them were scheduled to happen this year but COVID-19 put a halt to all of them. Many events were postponed without any details about when to expect them to happen again. And you cannot expect a definite date anytime soon. At least not until we have a cure. Social gatherings will become a hotspot of the virus. Even a single infected person can put everyone at risk. 

Deliveries Are The Best Option

During the lockdown, cannabis was deemed essential. But not everyone could come out of their homes to make a purchase. So the cannabis deliveries became common in a number of states like Nevada and California. 

Deliveries are the best ways to maintain minimal contact while always being stocked with your medicine. It’s more convenient and quick. But now that you are allowed to get out of your homes, do not go and crowd the dispensaries. It’s not a safe option for you or the staff. Pick a slot in your dispensary and opt for home deliveries and curbside pickups if they are offering it. The deliveries are easier for people with MMJ Cards in Riverside. So if you haven’t applied for one yet, go online and get one. 

Hygiene Will Become A Priority

To avoid any possible exposure to the virus, maintaining hygiene while using cannabis is a priority. The first step is to clean your hands before you use or handle your stash, roll a joint or take your dose. In addition to this, you have to be more careful with your cannabis gear. You use it regularly and it is always in contact with your hands and mouth. So just to be safe, deep clean all the washable gear with the right cleaning agents. 

Another important step that you must follow now is disinfecting the cannabis packages. Though the staff handling your package will be wearing proper protection gear (if you are buying from a legit source), it is best that you take an extra measure to avoid any regrets. 


For a long time, we were locked in our homes because of the new threat of COVID-19. But with lockdown coming to an end, we have to learn to live with it. So start by rethinking the way you use cannabis. Incorporate the points that I have mentioned in your daily routine, and do the best you can to be safe and keep others safe. Prepare a safety protocol for yourself and follow it diligently until a vaccine is approved and deployed for the people.