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How Can You Lose Weight With Medical Cannabis?

Yes, you read that right. You can actually lose weight with medical cannabis.

This property of cannabis was discovered via a special research study that closely observed a particular section of people. It was found out that cannabis stimulates the appetite for patients who are underweight and suffering from severe diseases whereas, for overweight or obese patients, it can actually lead to a reduction in the overall Body Mass Index (BMI). This is why even medical marijuana doctors often suggest these 420 solutions to patients who are looking to lose weight.

Medical cannabis has truly transformed the face of medicine. With each passing year, the popularity of this alternative form of therapy keeps skyrocketing as the people eagerly adopt the different forms of consumption of this medicinal drug. What are the ways in which medical marijuana can help you to lose weight? Let’s find out.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

Medical marijuana can help you lose weight through a variety of methods. These methods are clearly dependent on the type of cannabinoid that is being infused into the product. Since it is easier to lose weight with THCV, also popularly known as the diet-weed cannabinoid, it is often smoked by patients to suppress appetite, resulting in loss of weight.

However, despite THCV being the best weight loss cannabinoid, medical marijuana, in general, can help resolve a lot of other symptoms that complicate the phenomenon of maintaining a healthy weight for patients. Let us go through some of the additional beneficial effects of medical marijuana that can help the patients lose weight.

Induces a Healthy Sleep

The primary benefit of medical marijuana is in the way of catching a good night’s sleep, especially for people who usually struggle to do so. It is quite an important benefit as it can help people who suffer from intense insomnia to sleep a whole night through, which is quite an achievement.

When the patients are sleeping right, they will eat right and lead an overall healthy lifestyle. Hence it is important to consume cannabis in the right way for sleep to aid the patient in their weight loss journey.

Boosts Energy Which Mobilizes the Body

It is quite obvious that when a patient wants to lose weight, he or she would need to exercise regularly. Patients who suffer from chronic pain can hardly move their body which is where medical marijuana comes to their rescue. Consuming marijuana can eliminate all the excessive pain and stiffness symptoms quite easily, taking a huge burden off the shoulders of these poor patients.

Speeds Up Metabolism

As mentioned before, certain cannabinoids can help speed up the rate of metabolism of a user. Within a week or two, the patient will be able to see visual differences in their body weight which will obviously be greatly appreciated by the user.

Helps to Cut Down Alcohol Consumption

A factor that is often credited with excessive weight gain is unlimited alcohol consumption. People who drink alcohol more than an average person have a higher chance of getting to the overweight stage. This harmful practice can also be curbed with the help of medical cannabis solutions.

These important benefits of marijuana cannot be ignored by a patient wanting to lose weight. However, after listing these effects down, it also becomes imperative to suggest certain appetite suppression cannabis strains that will further aid the patient in their weight-loss journey.

5 Cannabis Strains That Can Aid in the Suppression of Appetite

Let us go through the list of 5 cannabis strains that can aid in the suppression of appetite for specific patients.

Durban Poison

This particular strain is quite a recognizable one due to its weight loss benefits. Giving super energizing effects to the people with each puff, Durban Poison has quite a high THC content which is why it is so popular among the patients suffering from obesity. They can smoke this strain before working out and feel the large amount of energy in their body throughout their sweaty gym session.

Power Plant

Power Plant strain is created from the ingenious African sativa.This strain is super special due to its high THC tolerance. Smoking this strain can bring about a deeply energizing effect in the users, especially the ones who are overweight. It will also boost the level of creativity and happiness in the life of the user which is why it is always a good habit to incorporate this strain in any patients’ life.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a strain often identified for its intensely euphoric and energizing effects. It is also used as a valid form of therapy to get rid of the symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and eating disorders like anorexia. While solving the eating disorders, it somehow helps in regulating a healthy eating schedule for them.

Which is why this strain is often suggested to medical marijuana patients suffering from obesity.

Blue Dream

With an 18% THC content in it, Blue Dream is an exceptional sativa dominant strain that can be smoked for its weight loss benefits. This strain while suppressing appetite also ensures that the patient does not feel any of the depressive or chronic pain symptoms. These additional benefits also help the patient in feeling mentally relaxed and focusing better.


With a relatively high THC content, this strain can be easily utilized by patients who are struggling from stress, anxiety or migraines. Smoke or eat the beautiful flowers of this strain to feel at peace and sleep a whole night through. This will obviously help the patients of insomnia but the best part is anyone can use this helpful strain to maintain their weight also.

Grapefruit suppresses appetite which does not let the user eat too much. Smoking this strain before a workout will also give the patient enough strength to burn all the excess fat while running on the treadmill.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this blog has been insightful enough for the patients who are seeking the help of medical marijuana to lose the excess fat assaulting their bodies. It is important to note here that these methods are only suggested because of their potential benefits and not due to the proven ones. So it is always better for them to first consult with medical marijuana doctors and then only use the 420 solutions to treat their obesity.