Can Cannabis Be Helpful During COVID-19?

Cannabis has supported and helped people all across the US for all sorts of medical conditions. Whether it is the redness of your skin or the unbearable pain of Crohn’s disease, cannabis has been a therapeutic aid for many. And all these benefits are just 420 evaluations away. A few minutes of consultation, online or offline, and you are free to treat yourself with marijuana. 

But all these facts are something that existed even before the pandemic hit the world. So is cannabis still useful? Absolutely. In more ways than you can imagine. Let’s look at a few of them.

Cannabis can help ease your quarantine anxiety

Ever since the legalization of cannabis in the 33 states of the US, its list of medical benefits has only seen a rise. One of the many additions to the list is anxiety. Patients find calm and relaxation after consuming cannabis thanks to its psychoactive nature. 

This aspect of cannabis is coming in handy today. The pandemic is a triggering situation for all. The fear of contracting COVID-19, the health of the loved ones and the entire atmosphere of uncertainty has only given a push to anxiety and stress. Considering the fact that anxiety is one of the most common health conditions in the US, it’s possible that there will be a rise in anxiety among the population. 

A reliever is needed desperately and marijuana can help in this situation. It regulates levels of anxiety (when taken in proper doses) and overpowers overwhelming emotions with calmness. 

You can find a good pastime in cannabis

Boredom is the most commonly felt emotion and state of mind during the quarantine. While looking for a way to kill the blues, did you once think that cannabis can help too? 

That’s right! Cannabis can be a boredom killer. Here’s how.

One, cook with cannabis. There are thousands of creative cannabis recipes online. Cakes, steak, bacon, fritters, popsicles, you name it. In fact, every recipe that can come to your mind has a cannabis alternative. It is worth trying some of these at home especially now when there isn’t much to do. 

Two, grow your own cannabis. If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you can have a few plants at home. Otherwise, a grower’s license is all you need to have a harvest right at home. 

Caring for the plant will test your skills and also reduce your boredom time. Also, you won’t have to worry much about interaction with the outside world. Once your plant matures, there’s no need to make the effort for restock anymore. 

Cannabis can be your work from home partner 

Since most of us are now working from home, you would relate to the problems that arise out of this new setup. Though the extra hours of sleep are blissful but working at home is more difficult than expected. 

Offices are a more productive environment where physical movement and interactions happen frequently. The same cannot be said about work from home. Sitting in front of the screens all day takes a toll on the body. You may have constant body aches or headaches. In addition to this, many may not be able to focus properly at home. That’s a common scenario. The bed and comfy couch often take away concentration and productivity. 

Marijuana can be helpful here. Not only will it help ease the pain but also take you into the zone. Your focus will improve and so will your productivity. 

It is saving the economy 

The pandemic had a great impact on the economic landscape of the world. Amid the financial crisis, the cannabis industry has been seeing record-breaking sales. Since it’s a medicine and also one of the most preferred recreational drug, marijuana orders and sales are only rising.

Such sales create more employment opportunities. This is why the cannabis sector is still hiring when most industries are reducing their staff. Cannabis stocks have also risen in value. More and more investors are now moving over to marijuana as it’s a great investment opportunity. In a state of the falling economy, cannabis is continuing to provide a ray of hope. 

Cannabis is creating hope 

The most important thing right now is to find a cure for COVID-19. And cannabis is providing hope here too. No, cannabis cannot treat COVID-19 and neither are any possibilities concluded right now. But realizing its impact in the medical world since ancient times, there is hope. 

Research is ongoing and scientists are playing their part. Rest assured that if cannabis can help in any way or form, it will be brought to the fore. But until then, let’s not spread rumors and stay hopeful. 

Having looked at the importance of COVID-19 in the present state of crisis, it is evident that cannabis will continue to provide a helping hand to the people across the globe.