Different Types of Marijuana and How to Find the One That Works for You

When purchasing cannabis products online or at a medical marijuana dispensary, you may have noticed that they are classified into three categories. These categories are “Sativa,” “Indica,” and “Hybrid.” So, why is cannabis classified? It helps the consumers predetermine the effects of the strain they are about to smoke. The more popular types, Sativa and Indica, are used to treat a number of ailments as well as for recreational purposes.

Understanding the Basics


Cannabis sativa L., commonly known as Sativa, is a herbaceous flowering plant species, originating from Eastern Asia. It has been used for medicinal purposes, such as relieving inflammation since ancient times. With the help of widespread cultivation, the plan has become widely available and popular- owing to its numerous uses.

When consuming Sativa strains, you will most likely feel the impacts on your head, also known as “head high.” They have a lasting energizing effect, reduce anxiety and stress, while also increasing creativity and the ability to focus.


Cannabis indica, commonly known as Indica, is a species belonging to the Cannabis genus. It is believed to have originated from the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tibet. The main thing that sets Indica apart from Sativa is its high levels of THC, which provide “body high,” relaxing the whole body.
Thus, it is a popular choice amongst recreational users and those who struggle with insomnia. The high THC concentration also causes euphoria. It also helps users relax deeply and let go of stress.


Hybrid cannabis refers to the plant strains with a combination of Sativa and Indica plant characteristics. You can easily find hybrid marijuana, classified as either “Sativa-dominant” or “Indica-dominant,” or “balanced.” The reason for this being that, marijuana has been cross-bred for a long time now, so it is hard to come across strains with the original characteristics.

Although hybrid strains aren’t as potent, they help with a lot of health issues, such as menstrual cramps, inflammation, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. Many consumers prefer hybrids because it provides them with a mix of relaxing and energizing effects.

So, now you have a basic understanding of the strains. However, you may still have trouble choosing the ideal strain for your needs. If you have strictly medicinal requirements, take a look at the tips for using cannabis effectively for your health.

Choosing the Ideal Strain of Cannabis for Your Requirements

Below are some pointers that will help you choose the right strain of marijuana.

Have Clear Expectations

You cannot simply walk into a dispensary and purchase the first thing you see. It helps to know what outcome you have in mind, such as what effects you want to feel after consuming or smoking cannabis. You could also be looking to treat something like chemotherapy induced nausea, social anxiety, or insomnia. If you are completely oblivious to what you should purchase at the dispensary, talk to the employees there.

Keep Your Options Open

When figuring out which weed strains work best for you, the worst thing you can do is eliminate some great options right off the bat. So, don’t ask for a specific type of weed just because you have heard that Sativas are energizing or Indicas make you sleepy. For instance, you may not even consider Sativa as an option for helping you with anxiety. However, one of its strains, Harlequin, has low THC levels and high CBD levels, which may suit you much better than Indica.

Thus, stay open to exploring the possibilities regardless of the type of the cannabis.

Know Your Tolerance

Knowing your tolerance is crucial, so you won’t end up purchasing something too strong to handle. For instance, a strain known as Pineapple Express, is considered optimum for newbies to enter the world of cannabis. It has very mild effects and helps build tolerance, as strains with too many cannabinoids can be too strong for someone who is not used to marijuana. Some great options for beginners are:

  • Blueberry
  • Sour tsunami
  • Orange bud
  • Hindu kush
  • Harlequin
  • Northern lights

Although these strains are beginner-friendly, they will have varying impacts, so it is best to look into them before buying.

Take Your Medical History Into Account

Cannabis is a natural alternative to modern medicine; however, it can still have strong effects. So, before you try a new strain of cannabis, you must consider the interaction a particular strain may cause with your other medication. Such as, you should avoid taking cannabis with Zoloft, a prescription drug for depression and OCD, as it will result in adverse effects.

If you have no prior experience and require assistance, it is best to talk to a healthcare professional. Moreover, they will help you obtain weed legally, so you won’t have to look for a “medical marijuana card near me”at the last moment.

Medical Marijuana Riverside is a fantastic place to get approved for an MMJ card in Riverside, California. The doctors will evaluate you and if you qualify, they will email you the recommendation within a few minutes!

Remember What Works for You

If you have tried a few things but are looking for a strain that suits you better, remember all the strains you have tried and how they affect you. This information can prove beneficial in choosing something better, as you can ask for a higher or lower amount of cannabinoids. While trying new strains, you may also realize that your body doesn’t react well to THC, due to its high potency. Thus, you should remember that while exploring new strains so you don’t have to deal with intense side effects.

Know Your Prefered Method of Intake

There are several ways to consume marijuana, such as smoking, vaping, applying oils, consuming edibles, etc. Each method has its benefits and potential side effects, such as gummies are very potent but take some time to act. This is something you can finalize through hit and trial or research.

Let’s look at some FAQs to help you clear any remaining doubts.


Does Sativa Make You Hungry?

Some strains of Sativa may make you hungry and help with loss of appetite.

Does Indica Make You Sleepy?

Indica is known for its relaxing properties, which may help some people sleep.

Will Sativa Keep Me Up at Night?

Sativa will make you feel energized, but it should not impact your sleep.