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Different Types of Marijuana and How to Find the One That Works for You

When purchasing cannabis products online or at a medical marijuana dispensary, you may have noticed that they are classified into three categories. These categories are “Sativa,” “Indica,” an

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Cannabis Plants

Learn How to Water Your Cannabis Plants From Experts

If there is one thing that a grower has to keep in mind in the process of growing a plant, it is to water it just right. In case the person isn’t as well aware of the right way of watering the plan

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Does Medical Cannabis Help Treat Tourette Syndrome?

Cannabis is all the rage these days. A significant chunk of the American population considers using cannabis as an alternative treatment to traditional medical treatments. More and more patients are

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Lose Weight With Medical Cannabis

How Can You Lose Weight With Medical Cannabis?

Yes, you read that right. You can actually lose weight with medical cannabis.

This property of cannabis was discovered via a special research study that closely observed a particular section of p

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