Learn The Basic Facts About Medical Marijuana

Looking back, who would’ve believed that cannabis would become a much needed medical solution in healthcare by 2020. And millions of people across the world would depend on it to have a quality life. But that’s the truth now and no one could be happier than the patient community who no longer have to swallow pills. But while the use of medical marijuana in Riverside has seen a rise and more patients are coming forward to use cannabis as a treatment, it is very important to be responsible and safe with this green plant. Though it is used medically, carelessness and incomplete knowledge can lead to side effects and health problems. 

So are you one those many people who have decided to experience the buzz around medical cannabis yourself? Then you definitely should hop on the bandwagon with at least the basic knowledge. Read along to acquaint yourself with some important facts about medical marijuana. 

It Is Legal

For a long time, cannabis was identified as a hallucinogenic drug. All people could associate with cannabis was rolled up joints and a bunch of very high people. It was illegal and called a gateway drug. So while the focus remained on this side that soon turned into a stigma, not a lot of attention was given to the many medical benefits of cannabis. But, this is not the case anymore. 

Since 1996, the medical potential of cannabis was recognized and medical marijuana was legalized in the US. It started with California and now 33 states in the US have decriminalized medical cannabis. So if you live in one of these states, you won’t have to deal with the law or the stigma. You can buy, grow or use cannabis legally. 

One thing to remember is that legalization does not mean no rules are regulating the use of cannabis. Every state has a medical marijuana program that needs to be followed to avoid any problems. If you are violating these rules, you are calling for trouble. So it’s best to acquaint yourself with the marijuana laws of your state before you make a purchase. 

It Provides Therapeutic Benefits

If you didn’t already know, medical cannabis can provide an array of medical benefits. Even the ‘high’ delivers its own benefits to a number of people. It is these therapeutic properties that have helped millions across the globe since ancient times. Today, with the help of scientific research, it has been proved that cannabis can provide symptomatic relief for a number of ailments like PTSD, chronic pain, insomnia and mental conditions. Need a little more insight? Alright. 

Cannabis contains chemicals like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids etc. that work together as well as on their own to provide therapeutic relief. Here’s a list of the benefits I’m talking about: anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety, appetite- stimulation, appetite-suppression, sedative, pain-relief and antiemetic. You can take advantage of these benefits only if you are using it for medical reasons because you’ll be able to tell the difference, unlike people who have no symptoms or medical conditions to treat. Also, these properties are accessible only if cannabis is consumed according to a dose. High intake will only give you an intolerable high and deliver effects that may be the opposite of what you want. In addition to this, the choice of cannabis strains and delivery methods also decide the effects you get. So make sure you learn the basics about using cannabis for medical reasons. 

Medical Marijuana Enjoys Several Advantages

If you are a medical marijuana consumer, you’ll be able to take advantage of some very exclusive privileges. The marijuana laws of different states give special benefits to medical cannabis in comparison to recreational cannabis. Let’s take a look at a few of these privileges. 

One, the legal age for buying and using cannabis is 18 years for medical cannabis compared to 21 years for recreational cannabis. Lowered age limit is a sigh of relief for younger patients. 

Two, the possession limit for medical cannabis is 8 times more than recreational cannabis. This allows patients to restock enough at once and avoid frequent trips to the dispensaries. 

Three, recreational cannabis has a potency limit which restricts access to many high THC strains and cannabis products. This limitation does not apply to medical cannabis.

Four, medical cannabis consumers do not have to pay sales and use tax on their purchase. This exemption saves them more than 28% compared to recreational cannabis consumers. 

If you wish to take advantage of all these benefits, you will have to get a medical cannabis card in your state. You can apply for one online and get it in no more than 10 minutes. A medical card will be your state-issued identification of being a medical marijuana consumer and will allow you to take advantage of all the privileges.  

Offers More Legal Security

If you are a registered medical cannabis consumer (one with a legit medical cannabis recommendation or card) you can buy, use and grow cannabis without any legal troubles. In addition to this, you will also experience legal security when traveling with cannabis. 

Crossing borders between states while in possession of cannabis is illegal according to federal law. Because while the state government has legalized medical cannabis, the federal government doesn’t consider cannabis a medicine. So it’s federally illegal. State borders and air space fall under federal jurisdiction and if you are caught with cannabis in these areas, you’ll be in trouble. However, if you have a legit medical card, you may have some leverage in such conditions. In an airplane, if you are carrying a small amount of medical cannabis along with your doctor’s recommendation, you will be able to avoid any penalty. 

Can Be Used By A Patient Under 18 Years Of Age

I have already mentioned that the legal age for using medical cannabis is 18 years as per the marijuana laws of state governments. But, what if you need it for your condition but you are under the age of 18? Well, you can still use medical cannabis. But there are certain conditions that you must qualify. 

First, identify the qualifying medical conditions for getting a medical card in your state. If your condition or symptom is on the list, you can apply for a card. In some states, the rules are stricter and may require you to have two recommendations too. Second, you must have a designated caregiver who is aged 21 years and above. They will be responsible for taking care of your dose and buying cannabis for you. These are the general restrictions to get a medical card for someone under the age of 18. However, every state may have different rules and regulations. So consult with a professional for more details. 


It’s always a good idea to have a little insight before doing something. So before you start using medical cannabis in Riverside, it is best to have some idea about what it is and the basic knowledge. Having read this blog, you are now aware of some important facts about medical cannabis. So go ahead and read some more about them and widen up your knowledge before you finally sit for a consultation.