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Your Introduction to The Basic Facts About Medical Marijuana Edibles

Visiting your MMJ doctor in Riverside today? Great! Now it’s just a few more minutes before you receive your medical marijuana recommendation and begin your journey toward a healthy life. But, before you go and make your first cannabis purchase, I hope you have some idea about the delivery method you’ll be using. There are dozens of different ways out there and you need to choose one. Compare the pros and cons and decide on a method that works best for your condition. 

Now, since you are reading this blog, it’s obvious that you either chose cannabis edibles or are considering it as an option of your delivery method. Now, your job is to research as much as you can about cannabis edibles and the right ways to use it. Why? Because it helps you to be safe while using medical cannabis. So, let me help you make a start with these basic facts about cannabis edibles. Go through each of these points and implement them during your dosing sessions. 

Edibles Have A Slow Onset

While searching about edibles, you may have come across the term ‘slow-onset’ quite a few times now. Onset means the time that cannabis takes to kick in the body. The difference in the delivery method can be a great factor in deciding the onset of cannabis. So, while smoking takes a few minutes to show effects, edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to show effects in the body. Here’s why this happens. 

Edibles do not work in the same way as other delivery methods. It is processed in the body differently compared to other delivery methods which is why it affects the body differently. Edibles are digested in the body like other food items. Your piece of brownie or gummy will pass through every organ in the digestive system before it is finally absorbed by the bloodstream. The completion of this process can take a long time before the cannabinoids finally reach the CB receptors and activate them to deliver the effects that you are looking for. 

They Deliver More Potent Effects

Edibles are more potent than other delivery methods. The reason behind this is the digestive process that we’ve discussed already. When you consume edibles, it passes through different organs. When the cannabinoids, specifically THC, reaches the liver, it is broken down into a different compound called 11-hydroxy-THC. It has more bioavailability than THC and is, therefore, more easily available to bind to the CB receptors. As a result, you feel stronger effects sometimes even with a small dose. The effects are not just potent but also last for a long time.

This is why it is always advised to go very slow with cannabis edibles. The effects may take time to show up but when they kick in, the effects will be stronger and last longer. 

It’s Easy to Overdose on Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis overdose is more common than you think. And when we are talking about beginners and edibles, the possibility increases. That’s because measuring the dose of edibles can be difficult. 

When you smoke, you feel the effects almost instantly and realize when to stop. But in the case of edibles, the slow onset makes it difficult to figure out the potency of the product. Beginners may also misunderstand the slow working time of edibles as ineffectiveness. As a result, they may end up eating more than their body can handle. So, you end up experiencing an overdose. 

Fortunately, a cannabis overdose isn’t fatal. In fact, you may not even be able to reach a point where the overdose becomes fatal. But, this does not in any way mean that an overdose is a pleasant experience. You may feel extreme effects such as paranoia, severe anxiety, extreme fatigue, nausea, impaired reflexes, and loss of perception. So, stick to your dose and stay in a safe place during your session. 

You Can Cook Your Own Edibles

When it comes to cannabis edibles, there is no lack of variety. Enter a dispensary and you will find an assortment of edibles ranging from the traditional brownies to the newer additions like beef jerky, gummies, and popsicles. But, if you feel that you need more variety, you can try making your own edibles. Put on your apron, open up a recipe online, and begin the cooking process. 

But, make sure that you are very careful with the dose. While store-bought edibles have a specific ratio of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, the process becomes trickier when you do it at home by yourself. It’s best to get in touch with a professional or someone who is experienced with making cannabis edibles. This will help you make an edible that delivers consistent effects with every dose. 

It’s Important to Store Them Properly

The way you store cannabis edibles is very important. For those who live with elders, children and pets, the first step should be to keep the edibles out of reach from others. It’s very easy to mistake edibles especially homemade ones for regular food. Since they have no prior experience with cannabis, the effects may not be tolerable for them. Try to keep the cannabis in its packaging so that it is easily distinguishable. 

Edibles can also degrade in quality if not stored properly. So, either keep them in airtight packaging or empty them in an airtight glass jar. Make sure that the surroundings are cold and dry as moisture and light can develop mold or decrease the potency of the product. 

Edibles Should Not be Consumed on an Empty Stomach

Like every other medication, cannabis edibles should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Doctors strictly advise against this practice. But even then, many people consume cannabis on an empty stomach because it increases the onset of edibles. Though it works faster, the result may become more strong, and in some cases, the effects may even be intolerable. 

First, the bioavailability increases which is why edibles work faster but it’s also the reason why more cannabinoids are absorbed resulting in stronger effects. You may feel severe headaches, paranoia, anxiety, and even a hangover the next day. In addition to this, consuming edibles on an empty stomach increases the chances of you overdosing. The lines between hunger and the right dose may get blurry and you may consume more cannabis than you should. 

It May Cause Side Effects

There’s enough talk about the benefits of cannabis but did you know that it has side effects too? Even if you choose edibles, the side effects will show up with regular use. The most common of these effects are red eyes, cottonmouth or dry mouth, and munchies. Most people believe that these side effects are caused by smoke or vapors of cannabis but it is the cannabinoids that cause these effects in the body. So, you may experience the common side effects of cannabis with edibles as well.
This is why it is important to consult a professional before using cannabis. They will access your condition and guide you about the safe ways of consumption and the possible side effects. It will take you a few minutes to complete a consultation using telemedicine. So, get in touch with your MMJ doctor in Riverside and learn the best way of using cannabis edibles.