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What if Your Weed gets Wet?

You’re done with your 420 med evaluations, and now you finally have your mmj card. You rush to your favorite dispensary to finally get your hands on some of your favorite weed strains. You pick up what you want and start walking back home. You’re all excited and thrilled.

Isn’t it amazing?

But.. when you’re on your way back, horror strikes. You were so excited about the whole thing that you didn’t even notice the weather outside. And suddenly, It starts raining. 

You try to save your cannabis, but you don’t have anything to cover it. Just a paper bag in which you got it from the dispensary itself. You keep it under your hood, hoping it doesn’t get wet. But till the time you get home, the damage is done. You weed is totally wet. And now, all your plans are ruined.

But is there nothing you can do about it? Well, actually you can. There can be various instances in which your weed can get wet, unintentionally. But it doesn’t mean everything is over. There are some ways in which you can manage this situation. 

Let’s see how.

What are the Problems with Wet Marijuana?

Okay, let’s say you somehow managed to get your weed wet. Now what? Can’t you just consume it wet? What’s the problem in this? Is it harmful? Does it have some other problems?

Before actually getting into how to dry your weed, let’s first understand what problems you might face with a wet weed bud.

  • Difficult to Grind

As you all know, in order to make your cannabis consumable in any form, you first need to break it down into fine particles or powder. And for this, you need to grind it. However, if your cannabis bud is wet, you won’t be able to grind it properly. 

Wet weed difficult to grind

For grinding a bud, we usually use a weed grinder with sharp spokes in it. And these spokes can easily break down any dry cannabis bud. However, when the bud is wet, it starts sticking with these spokes. And this makes it almost impossible to break it down into smaller particles.

  • Difficult to Burn

It’s pretty obvious that you can’t burn things that are wet. And the same is true for your cannabis too. Lighting up a wet cannabis bud can be very difficult. Rather than instant combustion, your cannabis will just sputter when you try to flame it up.

But suppose you somehow manage to fire up a joint or a bong with wet cannabis, it still won’t be able to stay that way for much long.

  • Very Bad Taste

Now, let’s say you somehow manage to light it up too. But it’s gonna taste extremely weird. Yes, the taste of cannabis is already weird for some people. But if you are a regular cannabis user, you can easily identify that something is wrong here.

This taste change isn’t because of any alterations in the plant’s cannabinoid composition. But it actually is because of your weed not burning properly. As your weed won’t be able to light up properly, you will be getting some water vapors, too, mixed with your cannabis smoke. And this will give you a very damp and unpleasant taste.

How to Dry Wet Weed?

Ok, so now that you know what issues you might face if you get your cannabis wet, you probably want to know about its solutions too.

The most obvious thing here is to get it dry. But how to do that quickly? You can’t just leave your bud to dry on itself. It may take days. And it’s not very reliable either. So what other methods do we have? 

There are two main techniques that you can use to get your weed dry as quickly as possible. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • The Rice Technique

This particular method is one of the oldest and most reliable methods that is used to get the moisture out of almost everything. You probably have heard about people using the rice to dry off their phones when they drop them in the water by mistake. We can apply the same to cannabis too.

The trick is very simple. Take a large vessel filled with some good amount of rice. Put your wet weed into the vessel in such a way that the rice covers it from all sides. And now, let the rice do its work.

Rice Technique

The rice has this amazing property of osmosis that allows it to pull the moisture out of almost anything. And so when you keep your bud submerged into it, the water inside your marijuana also gets transferred to the rice through this property.

Now the main problem with this technique is that your cannabis is left with a rice-like smell, which, sometimes, people don’t like very much. 

Also, your bud gets covered with rice flour. And this can make it combust a bit quickly. However, it still is better than dealing with a wet bud that doesn’t even light up properly.

  • The paper technique

This technique is quite easier than the first one. Just wrap your wet bud in a paper towel very tightly. As long as your weed is in direct contact with the paper, the moisture from it will keep getting out.

But there is one thing you need to take care of in this method. The moisture that is getting on the paper makes a perfect environment for the mold to develop on your weed. And thus, it’s important that you dry that too off. Make sure the place where you are keeping your bud for drying has good ventilation. Or you may use a fan or a dehumidifier too.

You should also keep changing the paper towels every few hours. This will help speed up the drying process.

Things to take care of

Getting your weed wet isn’t really a very pleasant experience. And thus, if it happens with us, we just try to find a way to dry it as quickly as possible. However, some people don’t do much research. They try to do random things and thus, end up ruining the whole product. But that should not happen to you. And therefore, you should avoid doing the things given below.

  • Some people may try to dry their bud by putting it directly under the fan. While this may take some moisture out of it, you are exposing your weed directly to the air and light. And this can degrade its quality, and eventually your smoking experience.
  • Some people may even try to use direct heat to dry their weed off by putting it in an oven. And this probably is the worst thing you can do to it. Even in the lowest settings, the oven temperature is very high for your bud. And you are actually burning the whole plant.

So make sure you don’t do anything like this if you are trying to dry off your wet bud.

Final Words

Though wet cannabis won’t hurt you or make you sick in any way, it can have some other problems for you. It doesn’t seem like a big issue. But until you haven’t had the first-hand experience, you won’t be able to understand it. And thus, we recommend you know how to handle it.

Thankfully, by using the above tips, you can easily handle a situation where you get your cannabis wet. But if you still have any doubts, feel free to drop a comment.