What Happens When You Consume Too Much CBD Oil? (Facts Explained)

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has lately received immense recognition and acknowledgment for various reasons. One of the major reasons, of course, is that it alleviates the symptoms of anxiety, pain, and also helps manage insomnia. If you take CBD to manage your health, perhaps you must have Googled terms such as how much CBD should I take, or else should I get a medical marijuana card to use CBD oil? For those who reside in a legal state do not need a medical marijuana card to avail of cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries. However, in order to take the right amount of CBD oil you have to consult a medical marijuana doctor or start low to decide which amount suits your body better.

Is It Possible To Consume Too Much CBD Oil?

Technically, You have to consume more than 20,000 mg of CBD to experience the highest levels of intoxication. Scientifically, it is not possible to consume this amount of CBD at once.

Which, in turn, is not possible and a study published in 2011 states similar facts. This also means that it is neither possible to overdose on cannabis nor anyone can manage to consume 20,000 mg of CBD in a few hours. Does this mean you can eat as many CBD edibles you want in a day? No, of course not. You have to stick to the dose supervised medically or you ideally consume. That said, let’s delve a little deeper and understand the various nuances associated with extra CBD oil consumption. 

How Much CBD Can Cause Toxicity? 

To understand the toxicity levels of CBD, you have to first learn that every individual reacts to cannabis differently. For instance, a small dose of cannabis edible may help alleviate pain for you, but the same dose is most likely to show no or very little effects for others. 

According to a report, based on different studies conducted in the past few years, CBD is therapeutic in nature. It acts as a therapeutic agent for conditions such as severe forms of epilepsy and disorders associated with the mind. Interestingly, the dose required to treat these conditions is more than the dose required for pain or insomnia. 

Human CBD studies for epilepsy have reported in the past that regular doses may cause side effects such as fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and somnolence. However, these studies did not show any severe forms of side effects associated with CBD usage. So, it is fair to say that CBD dose, not only varies from person to person but also differs based on what medical condition you have. 

What’s More?

For those who think that a high dose can cause toxicity, here’s another study that will help you understand a little bit more about CBD administration. This report was published by the Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Department. The report went on to say that a 212 mg of CBD dose when administered intravenously in monkeys caused some levels of toxicity. Whereas, doses below 200 mg showed no or very little levels of toxicity. While doses below 200 mg were concluded as safe, doses above 300mg proved fatal. 

However, it also has to be noted that these studies were part of a lab experiment conducted on monkeys. Human trials have shown no deaths so far, and we need more human clinical trials in order to prove the hypothesis associated with CBD overdose. 

Choosing the Right CBD Product Matters

Now that we have covered a few scientific facts about CBDs’ intoxication level, here’s what you need to do next. First and foremost, know that you can consume CBD differently. The delivery methods range from candies, gummies to drops, sprays, softgels, and vaporizers. So, the delivery method will also determine how much CBD you should consume. 

Take PlusCBD as an example. It is one of the famous CBD Oil selling companies in the market and according to the U.S. Hemp Authority Guidance Program this company sells one of the high-quality CBD oils. PlusCBD recommends that patients should start with softgels or CBD tablets because these products have proportioned amounts of cannabidiol. After you start with these products you can increase the dose as per your medical requirement. Or else change the products as you determine which CBD delivery methods work best for you.  

Final Thoughts

CBD oils are not regulated by the FDA. So, choosing the right CBD product may be difficult for you. Luckily, you can head over to trusted brands and state-licensed cannabis dispensaries for the same. You don’t even need a medical marijuana card to avail of high-quality CBD products. As far as CBDs toxicity levels are concerned, as long as you take a medically supervised dose or start low, no problem should arise.