Tips for Marijuana Patients Who Received their Recommendation from a Marijuana Doctor

Have you just received your recommendation letter from a medical marijuana doctor in Riverside and can’t wait to see what this herb has in store for you? Well, using medical marijuana as an alternative medication can offer plenty of benefits provided you are using it safely and effectively especially for the first time users.

Here are some tips about medical marijuana that you can use to get the best results:

Knowledge is power

Now that you’ve received your first medical marijuana recommendation, the world of medical marijuana is wide open. But it’s a rather big world and can sometimes seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available from where you can learn about medical marijuana and feel comfortable with your first cannabis purchase. So make sure you do your homework before diving into the world of cannabis.

Start low and go slow

It’s a common piece of advice which you might have already received from a variety of people. It’s still worth repeating because it’s crucial. Start low and go slow.

When you consume medical marijuana for the first time, the last thing you want is paranoia and anxiety. Therefore, it is always advisable to begin your treatment with a relatively low dose and slowly increase it. This will help you find the right dose without experiencing undesirable results.


It can be tricky for new medical marijuana patients to find the right dose of cannabis. Too little and you don’t feel any relief from your medical condition. Too much can yield undesirable results. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, always go slow or consult with a medical marijuana doctor in Riverside to know what dosage would be best for you.

Choose your method of consumption

Of course, medical marijuana has proven to be an effective alternative to treat a number of medical conditions. But how you consume it plays an important role. There are plenty of options available to you where each option has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Smoking – it’s the most popular option but smoking continuously on a daily basis can cause breathing problems
  • Vaping – it’s a relatively healthier option available. However, you will have to invest in an expensive vaporizer.
  • Eating – cannabis-infused edibles are more long lasting, powerful and easy to transport. However, again, they can be an expensive option if you have them on a daily basis.
  • Topicals – This option is very pleasant and contains little to no psycho-activity. But they are not at all effective for nausea and anxiety.


The fact is there are thousands of different cannabis strains to choose from, so it’s difficult to find the right strain in the first try. Don’t be disappointed if you are unable to find your strain. Keep trying before you settle with a few products that suit you.

Don’t panic

It’s normal to feel paranoia or anxiety when you consume medical marijuana for the first time or if you have taken too much of it. Remind yourself that it’s just a phase and it’s temporary. Not every strain makes you feel anxious and paranoid. If your experience with one strain was bad, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience with every strain. Just avoid it and try other strains.

Sharing is not caring

When it comes cannabis, sharing is not caring. The state laws do not allow you to distribute medical Cannabis in Riverside, and if you do, there will be serious consequences.

If you have any questions related to medical marijuana, feel free to get in touch with us.