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Super Silver Haze Will Convince You to Get Recommendation from a Medical Marijuana Doctor

So, are you a medical marijuana enthusiast?

Well obviously you are!

You are reading a medical marijuana blog. Duh…!

When people think of cannabis, they think of the harmful effects it is believed to have. Though, slowly this perception is changing and people are starting to accept the reality of the benefits of cannabis. And there comes a medical marijuana doctor in Riverside.

Okay when I say you have to consult the doctor, then I am doing this for you. Just visit him online, get yourself a recommendation and then I have something for you. Yes, its Super Silver Haze.


Who likes history?

Definitely not me.

But for the soul purpose of knowing about the strain, I’ll just give you a brief about the backdrop of the strain.

Bred by Australian-Dutch Breeders Shantibaba and Nevil Schoenmakers in Amsterdam. It is a cross between skunk, Haze and Northern light. The original plant of all the parents strains are actually of California origin.

It actually became famous in the mid 90s and have since been a favorite of cannabis enthusiasts.


I don’t judge on appearances. Just getting the fact out there. Though it is very hard not to.

They are medium sized with milky, sparkling trichomes lime green calyxes. Yes, they have oddly shaped leaves and could cause problems while trimming.


Sharpen your ole fins with the aroma of Super Silver Haze. It has a distinct pungent whiffs of wet soil and gasoline, lemons, and spicy floral notes.

With just the smell of it, you start feeling the characteristic sativa energy. Super Silver Haze is spicier, garnier and earthier than it smells. It has a sweet and berrylike scent which gives you the excitement to have it.


It’s reputation may be a bit wrong and it’s high is actually a lot more calmer than it is known for. It certainly slows you down for a bit but is great to enhance your creativity and in time give you the energy you were looking for.

It helps a person be happy and carefree. It fills the head with buzzing and a variety of cyclic pressure which gives a high that helps in meandering a number of activities rather than a focused work. It is recommended day time med which provides motivation, ocular, creative, and mood elevating sensations.

Medicinal Benefits

This sativa dominant hybrid won the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It provides a nice energy boost due to its THCV content that helps a person suffering from PTSD or depression. The strains CBG, CBC and THC combine to create an excellent neuroprotectant and antidepressant.

It also is very effective for the patients of stress and lack of appetite. It helps person to relax and gives a happy energy and in general inducing interest in food in the person.


If you are a grower, then this is a strain that you could choose to grow easily. For indoors, it takes about 10-11 weeks to flower and for outdoors, October is the right month. Patience is a key but it is worth it. It can easily grow about 4 times its size in just one month. It grows best in tropical and warm climate.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states in the country and with quality strains available, you can get your treatment started. Super Silver Haze is one of the most popular and common strains available which provides excellent effects.

You just see that jar of Super Silver Haze gleaming at you from the top shelf of the dispensary. No! You just can’t choose any other. It is my favorite, try and tell me if it becomes yours.