Why You Should Stop Smoking Up Together During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The entire year, 2020, the world was fighting the coronavirus pandemic, and it is still fighting. This pandemic has changed a lot across the globe. Everyone is wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing in public places, and washing hands frequently. People are simply doing everything they can to make sure they stay safe from the coronavirus. And it has also impacted how we used to smoke up our favorite herb. It is suggested not to share your joint with others when smoking cannabis.

Cannabis enthusiasts love the effects produced by smoking cannabis. Not just this, we love to enjoy these effects with our friends. Humans are social animals and we love getting high socially, with our friends. The basic etiquette of smoking cannabis is to roll up a joint, take 2 puffs, and pass it around. But this basic etiquette of smoking cannabis is now changing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is maintaining social distancing, due to which we can’t follow the “puff-puff-pass” idea.

Learn more about how the pandemic has affected the way we smoke up our favorite herb. 

The Beginning of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the legalization of cannabis, it has gained a lot of popularity across the United States. A lot of people get a medical marijuana card Riverside to buy medical cannabis for their condition. And others simply smoke cannabis for recreational purposes where it is legal. Recreational cannabis is now legal in 15 states, plus Washington D.C. Also, medical cannabis is legal in 15 states, plus D.C., and more states may legalize it in the coming years. In 2019, the estimated sales of cannabis worldwide were reaching about $17 billion. 

Then came 2020, and brought the coronavirus pandemic with it. The sales of medical cannabis shot up during the pandemic in states that designated dispensaries as essential services. As the people were suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression because of the pandemic and lockdown, medical cannabis helped them. However, the pandemic also impacted the way people used to smoke up cannabis.

Why You Should Not Smoke Together

While things are returning to normalcy, the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended yet. We should still maintain social distancing and wear masks whenever going out. This is important to prevent the spread of germs that may cause COVID-19. When it comes to smoking cannabis, passing a joint, bong, or vape can be very unhealthy and unhygienic. That’s why “puff, puff, pass” is not a good option during this pandemic.

When you’re sharing a joint or vape, the germs can easily travel from the top of that joint or vape. Also, there are many people who are asymptomatic. This means, even if they are infected by the COVID-19 virus, they wouldn’t be familiar with it. It’s a known fact now that the COVID-19 virus can live for about 48 to 72 hours on certain surfaces. So, if you are smoking a joint with a friend who is asymptomatic, the virus can easily transfer to you. Therefore, it is better to not smoke up together. If you don’t want to smoke alone and need socialization, you can have a virtual smoking session with your friends. 

Just sit at home, light up your joint, and smoke it while on a video call with your smoker friends. We all have to be responsible and should not rely on others all the time. While we all enjoy smoking up this amazing herb, we need to understand the entire world is facing the challenge of COVID-19. And it is important for us to be responsible and make sure this virus does not spread.

Choose Cannabis Edibles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more beneficial to avoid smoking up altogether. Smoking can increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. So, it is better to enjoy cannabis through other methods. And one of the best methods of consuming cannabis other than smoking is eating cannabis edibles. They are tasty, potent, and just fun to consume.