5 Tips to Preserve the Aroma of your Cannabis Strain

So you are a cannabis enthusiast. And why shouldn’t you? It is a magical herb that has radically changed many people’s life. In fact, people who have managed to suppress their medical conditions consider cannabis a ‘holy grail’.

And there are plenty of studies and researches on the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis in Riverside to support this revelation.

Medical Cannabis Riverside

If you are anything like me, cannabis is probably your life too. From reducing the everyday stress to treating insomnia, chronic pain and more, it has become an inseparable part of your life. And when something is too important for us, we guard it with our life. And cannabis is no exception.

Most people try their best to protect it from everything but sometimes they fail terribly. Cannabis strains are delicate products that have the tendency to go stale if not kept properly. I see people unknowingly wasting their precious cannabis strains by storing them in cheap plastic bags or bowls.

Don’t be like them. Don’t waste your precious buds. Preserve the aroma and smell of your cannabis strains to reap its maximum benefits.

Now let’s see how you can preserve its aroma:

Smell your strain before you buy it

The effects of cannabis starts with its aroma. Cannabis’ smell is the feast for the nose and treat for your brain. It has been shown that aromatherapy has empirical effects and it can’t be more true in case of cannabis.

But how do you ensure your cannabis strain has strong aroma before buying it?

You smell it! And not after paying for it but before you even plan on buying a particular strain.

Most of the dispensaries in California allows you to smell your bud and then buy it. Make sure you really get a chance to smell your bud. And I am not talking about a quick whiff. I am talking about really getting in there and inhale and forget about the world around you. This should help you decide whether you should buy it.

Get rid of cheap plastic bags

Every cannabis bud is full of terpenes and cannabinoids. But the real challenge is to preserve it. When you store your buds in a cheap plastic bags, you are killing your terpenes and cannabinoids. Plastic degrades cannabinoid components and terpenes. So get rid of cheap plastic bags to preserve your strain’s aroma.

Store different strains separately

Trust me give your strains a break from each other. Every strain is different and comes with its own flavor of terpenes. Storing them together at one place can actually ruin them. Be a little intelligent and store them separately.

Don’t burn your terps before you actually want to consume

Do you often forget your cannabis strains out in the sun or your car? If so, then don’t. Heat and light gradually ruins terpenes in your buds. Yeah, I get it that you will eventually burn it when you smoke it. But you don’t have to burn it before that time. Never keep it in your car or out in your patio. Store it in an airtight jar somewhere safe.

Don’t keep your buds in a foul smelling jar

Do you eat in a bowl that’s been sitting out and has a foul smelling resin? No, you don’t! Similarly you can’t store your buds in jars that has their own weird smell. Storing cannabis strains in such jars can apparently impede their nature terpenes.

Preserving the natural aroma of medical cannabis in Riverside strains is not that difficult. Irrespective of what I said earlier that it should be guarded with your life, you certainly don’t. Just keeping few things in mind help your strains go a long way.