Medical Marijuana Doctor in Riverside Recommend Cannabis For Autistic Children

Medical Marijuana Doctor in Riverside Recommend Cannabis For Autistic Children

Going to a medical marijuana doctor in Riverside for your child’s autism might seem vague.


Did you know that as per the CDC reports, 1 in every 59 children have one or the other form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Autism Spectrum Disorder

That’s definitely not rare in any case.

For some who don’t have any idea what we are talking about. Autism is a type of neuro developmental disorder that affects social and personal behavior of the patient.

Although, a few medications are already available for alleviating some of the symptoms associated with seizures, depression, and insomnia.

But, they have a lot of side-effects as well.

Researchers believe that the therapeutic properties of cannabis can help in the treatment of autism.

The article will focus on the benefits of cannabis and how it can be helpful in children with autism.

How Does Medical Cannabis Work for Autism Patients?

Autism is an early brain development that can cause a combination of genetic, non-genetic and environmental factors.

Usually, signs of this condition in patients ages 2 to 3. So, early diagnosis may help in improving the effects of treatment.

As we all know that our human body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which contains a wide range of cannabinoids.

The deficiency of natural endocannabinoids can result in developing several conditions, and may also be a major player in developing autism in children.

Studies that Confirm Its Role

According to the 2013 study, autism is a result of blocking of endocannabinoid production by a genetic mutation.


Phytocannabinoids (THC and CBD) present in cannabis have structural similarity with that of the endocannabinoids in the ECS, thus they can help in treating the condition.

However, this is also related to various other conditions such as epilepsy. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, approximately 20-30% of patients with autism develop epilepsy by childhood.

Cannabis use has proven its efficacy against alleviating symptoms of epilepsy.

A reason why a medical marijuana doctor in Riverside recommends this magic herb for autistic patients.

There’s a wide range of case studies on cannabis for autism treatment. Many studies supporting cannabis as an effective treatment for autism are available.

A recent study conducted on 35,000 patients at the Soroka University Medical Center found that cannabis can help in treating children with ASD.

41.5% of caregivers reported moderate to significant improvements with low-THC and high-CBD doses of cannabis oil.

Another 2013 study conducted by the Second University of Naples and Stanford University Medical School reported that changes in endocannabinoid signaling may help in treating autism.

According to the Autism Research Institute, cannabis can alleviate a range of symptoms associated with autism such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, tantrums.

Medical Cannabis Strains for Autism

A medical marijuana doctor in Riverside confirms that not everyone gets the desired effects from medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis

Instead, there’s a wide range of cannabis strains with varying CBD and THC levels, and you should choose the right one that suits your condition.

Some of the strains that can be helpful in managing your condition include-

  • Blue Dream
  • Green Crack
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Hindu Kush

Discuss your condition with a medical marijuana doctor in Riverside and get professional help for choosing the cannabis strain.

To wrap it up, the amazing cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant correct the endocannabinoid deficiencies, thus treating autism. Unlike prescription medications, it doesn’t cause any side-effect.

It’s important to note that cannabis strains don’t provide similar effects to each patient. Thus, choosing the right strain is important to get maximum benefits from medical marijuana treatment.