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Make Your Cannabis Last Longer With These Tips

Imagine having a stash of cannabis that never ends. Sounds great, right? And it can become a reality too. Well, to some extent. You can have a stash of cannabis that lasts for a long time if not forever. That’s great news for medical cannabis consumers!

Cannabis is widely used as a medical aid today. Millions around the globe find symptomatic relief by using cannabis. You can easily reach out to a marijuana doctor in Riverside and get yourself a recommendation to start using medical marijuana. But, this also means that these patients must always have access to cannabis. It is their medication and an escape from the intolerable health problems. For these people, regular restocking is an issue that not only requires effort but also money. But I can help resolve this issue. How? That’s the first line of this introduction. 

So, read along to find out the best tips for making your cannabis stash last longer. 

Reduce Your Indulgence 

I know it may not be an easy thing to ask but what’s better than rationing your cannabis to make it last longer? If you are a beginner, you probably already are on a very low dose. So go ahead and read the next tip. As for experienced consumers, cutting down may help. 

Take the time to understand your indulgence level. Are you always high? Do you smoke up first thing in the morning? Or are you consuming more than your required dose? If your answer to these questions is anything but a stern no, you need to reduce your indulgence. The more you consume, the faster the stash reduces and the more you have to buy. As a result, not only are you easily out of cannabis but also increasing your monthly expense on the same.  

The best way to reduce indulgence is by slowly cutting down on the amount you consume. Make smaller joints or consume lesser edibles. Also, time your sessions. Don’t listen to your greed or desire. Start consuming cannabis according to your need and you will be able to see a huge difference.

Try Cooking Edibles at Home

This one is a little tricky but can be very helpful in dealing with the current problem. You must have heard about cannabis edibles. These are all the food items infused with cannabis. You can consume them as a dose just like a joint or a pill. Now, buying edibles can be expensive. So start making your own instead. 

All you need is your preferred strain of cannabis and a food item. Learn to decarboxylate cannabis at home and use it to infuse the edible. You can start by making cannabis infusions such as cannaoil or cannabutter as these can be used as a replacement for cooking oil. So, you can infuse any meal of the day with cannabis. It will save you money and effort of restocking because these edibles can last for a long time if stored properly.

One thing to remember before making homemade edibles is that it can be difficult to dose, especially with beginners. Unlike smoking, concentrates or pills, you may not be able to pinpoint the potency of edibles. It will take some professional help and experience to make it right. 

Manage Your Tolerance

Cannabis tolerance is an inevitable part of the process. Once you start consuming cannabis, your body will start building tolerance against it. For beginners, this is a good thing. Since their body can endure it better, the effects will be tolerable and smoother. As for long time consumers, high tolerance may be an obstacle in achieving the right effects. The first signs of high tolerance are your need for higher doses. Since your body can endure a small amount of cannabis, you will need a higher dose to achieve the same level of effects. You may even have to shift to a more potent strain to achieve the effects. As a result, you will consume more and more. 

Controlling your tolerance can be a solution to this problem. All you have to do is slow down the process of tolerance buildup. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Shift your strains and delivery method occasionally. It will keep your body guessing and prevent it from settling to one type.
  • Use low THC strains. 
  • Lower your dose.
  • Plan your sessions. 
  • Combine your sessions with exercise.

Take a Tolerance Break

When your body’s tolerance has reached a high point, all you can do from this point is take a tolerance break. It is exactly what it sounds like, a means to break the tolerance. 

The main culprit behind increasing tolerance is THC. The higher the intake, the faster will be the development of cannabis tolerance. But, the best part is that it is reversible. A tolerance break helps you do that. You need to abstain from cannabis or THC for a few days and your body will return to normal. The number of days will vary from person to person. After a few days of your t-break, you will see a significant change. You will experience a high with even a small dose and your indulgence will also be lower. 

For medical cannabis consumers, abstinence may not be a smart option. You can shift to CBD strains instead only after consulting with your marijuana doctor in Riverside. 

Try Other Delivery Methods

Trying out different delivery methods can be a great way of making use of your stash for a long time. This is because different ways have different potencies. In comparison to smoking or vaping, cannabis edibles are a more potent way of consumption. They have a slow onset but can deliver very strong effects. This means that even a small dose will be enough. So your stash will go a long way. 

If the long onset of edibles is a disadvantage for your condition, don’t worry, there are several other methods. You can try a one-hitter. It uses just enough for a single hit while delivering the effects. Or give a chance to sublinguals. They are small strips or tinctures that work via the sublingual root. They have a fast onset and strong effects. 

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Maybe you can have a stash that will last forever. How? By growing your own cannabis plants right in your home. You will have an unlimited supply and will never have to buy cannabis anymore. All you need is a growing space (a room or your backyard will work), some feminized seeds of your favorite strain and patience. Also, make sure that the following requirements are met.

  • Feed proper nutrients according to the growth stage of your plant. 
  • Have a proper light and water schedule.
  • Maintain a proper pH and humidity level. 
  • Harvest at the right time. 

Learn to Store Your Stash Properly

The way you store cannabis will increase or decrease the life of your cannabis stash. Begin by storing it in an airtight opaque container. Keep it in a cold and dry place and out of reach from others. This is important because air and sunlight can reduce the potency of your stash. Also, make sure that the storing place isn’t humid or you will have buds with mold or mildew. 

Now all that’s left to do is for you to implement these tips on your stash. And let me know if it helped you save money and increase the life of your cannabis.