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Is Smoking Cannabis a Good Option With 420 Med Evaluations?

Smoking cannabis is not something that started just a while back. It has been there for centuries. Remember, it was only in the early 40s that government organizations started banning cannabis as a recreational product. So, it should be no surprise that patients with 420 med evaluations are more comfortable with this approach today as well. But, is that even a good idea to go for this option when there are other healthier options available nowadays?

Why Do Patients Switch to Smoking Cannabis?

Most of naive cannabis users or newbies think that switching to cannabis smoking is safe and the best approach to healing their medical conditions. However, some switch to cannabis smoking in order to quit cigarette smoking. However, is marijuana better for you? Definitely, there are no negatives attached as it’s marijuana. But, when smoking comes into the picture everything would change explicitly.  Understanding that smoking weed is not natural and that its elements might be something that your lung would not be okay with.

Why it is Not a Good Idea?

It is because when you smoke cannabis, it’s not just the bud, you take in some of the particulates of the substance that you use to roll your product. Also, people who are doing this often find the taste too potent, so they often mix marijuana with tobacco. And that is definitely a deadly combination. The cannabis itself can be problematic as well. Because it will burn all the terpenes that have medicinal properties as well. So, you tone down its efficiency as well.

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What Are The Health Risks Associated With Smoking Cannabis?

No matter how much we advocate cannabis as a health aid. But, there are plenty of reasons you must avoid in some situations as well. For example, smoking anything be it tobacco, or weed will be bad for your respiratory system. A study conducted by John A. Henry found that smoking could lead to a lot o lung disorders, similar to cigarette smoking. Though, one does not have the same compound as the tar. But, it contains a lot of compounds that can change the composition of your lungs or completely damage your lungs.

In addition to that, there is a good amount of research establishing the fact that smoking THC might increase the chances of cardiovascular health risks. Furthermore, if you think about cigarettes and cannabis smoking; they are potentially the same when it comes to negative effects. You inhale harmful compounds even if you enjoy the experience.

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Smoking cannabis is not a good option if you think about the potential risks it contains. For example, the chance of developing lung cancer fairly doubles. If you have any underlying RTI issues, avoid smoking cannabis with 420 med evaluations. Instead, go for other options such as vaping, edibles, tinctures, oils, and transepidermal products.


Remember that 420 med evaluations are essential for accessing cannabis or extending your possession limits. But, it will be of no use if you use it for a method that might be potentially harmful to you. Weed or cigarette smoking is not entirely different. There are pros, cons, strengths, or weaknesses associated with both forms. I am sure you are not willing to risk your health while looking for an alternative to manage your current medical condition. Also, the inherent issue of cannabis smoking is that one starts using it as an excuse or starts overdoing even it is not required. Medical marijuana is for your health condition, not for mere enjoyment. Understanding all the aspects is important whenever you start smoking cannabis as a medical aid. And start exploring new cannabis products with a medical marijuana card Riverside.