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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Riverside CA List the Factors that Affect the Feel of Cannabis

If you ever stumble upon seasoned cannabis smokers, you’ll get to know the range of effects that cannabis produces. Every person has a different cannabis experience. Well, why is that? Medical marijuana doctors in Riverside CA can educate you about the factors that affect the cannabis high.

Most people swear by the herb because of the uplifting high it produces. Ever wondered what dictates those effects? Well, there are some important factors which hold credit for that.

Factors that control the Cannabis high

Method of ingestion

Cannabis high

Dabbing, smoking, and eating edibles produce different effects on you. If you’ve tested all of these, you probably know that I’m talking about. Edibles particularly produce more lasting effects than any other method. Also, the effects are known to be stronger.

Smoking and vaping produce a high depending on the quantity of herb you’re using. Also, the choice of strain also decides what the characteristic effect will be.

Effects of dabbing are particularly stronger than other methods of ingestion. Dabs are particularly more concentrated and produce more intense effects.



The presence of terpenes affects the high too. Terpenes are compounds which give a particular strain it’s aroma and taste. So, if you can sense or smell lemon, its limonene at work. Now, what about that characteristic lavender smell? It’s linalool this time.

So, different terpenes essentially produce different effects. The effect amalgamates with THC and CBD to sketch a different feel. For instance, limonene helps with stress relief while linalool offers a sense of mood relaxation.

The Environment

Yes, you read that right! Your surrounding environment influences the kind of high you’ll get. How is that? It has been noted that if you smoke a particular strain on 2 different days, it’s likely to offer different experiences.

A lot of factors are involved in it. Your mood—happy, sad, tensed—plays an important role too. It’s very important to be in a comfortable setting before you decide to ingest cannabis. A relaxed environment coupled with soothing music is an example of what a relaxing setting looks like.


Taking the right dose of cannabis is an important part of the cannabis experience. You particularly need to be careful while taking edibles and new strains. A healthy measure is to start with low doses and gradually increase the dose based on the effect it produces.

If you’re not sure about the dose, medical marijuana doctors in Riverside CA can evaluate your health and suggest the right dosage for you. With an expert’s guidance, you can proceed with minimum risks.

Cannabis tolerance

There is substantial difference between a seasoned cannabis smoker and someone who smokes cannabis occasionally. Every person has a different tolerance level for cannabis.

It’s better to know your tolerance level before you ingest a particular strain. Ideally, you should aim for a mellow and relaxing high. If you’re planning to test a new strain, study its cannabis profile in advance. Having prior knowledge of THC and CBD levels can be handy in taking the right dosage based on your tolerance.

So, being equipped with the factors affecting the high, you can indulge in better cannabis experiences. Ideally, medical marijuana doctors in Riverside CA can educate you about how a particular element will affect your high. With the right approach, you can enhance the feel of your high and dive into lasting relaxation.