What is The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?

If you are thinking of wellness and skincare, no other product can replace CBD. The nation is celebrating the “green rush” since 2018 after the approval of much-hyped “FARM BILL 2018”. But why is there so much buzz going? It’s because the market contains a wide array of CBD products.

But, with the legalization of hemp nationwide, a lot of confusion is taking rounds. People are looking for a variety of queries such as-

  1. What is CBD and Hemp Oil?
  2. What is better, CBD and Hemp Oil?
  3. Is CBD and Hemp oil the same?

So, here we are answering all your queries and making it clear so that you can decide what product will benefit you the most. After all, there is a reason people are looking for 420 med evaluations so passionately.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil- Are Their Source Same?

If you think about the source of CBD oil and hemp oil are the same, you are probably a novice in the world of cannabis. Experts extract both of them from different cannabis species. One of them contains varying amounts of THC, and the other contains only 0.3% THC concentration. Some cultivators extract hemp from the cannabis seeds, as well. Precisely why the name “hemp seed oil.”

To extract the particular cannabinoid from the plant, good or reputable companies use ethanol extraction or the CO2 extraction technique. For the simple reason, both of them do not involve any toxic compounds. For extracting hemp oil, usually, experts use cold pressing. Such a procedure helps to preserve the raw and nutritious contents of the source. As one sources hemp oil from industrial hemp, the chances of the presence of THC are negligible.

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CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil- What Are Their Benefits?

Given the craze about CBD growing like a fire, naturally, people are mixing both the products with each other. To answer the most searched question, “what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?”, here is the clear picture behind this entire concept.

The active ingredient in CBD oil is CBD, whose role is to create a balance and manage our body’s endocannabinoid system. That’s how it helps to regulate a lot of biological functions such as alleviating stress, reducing joint, muscular or neurologic pain, and excellent sleep support. Things are turning positively after the FDA approved its first-ever CBD drug, Epidiolex, as a treatment option for seizures in two rare forms of epilepsy.

On the other hand, hemp oil does not contain any such cannabinoids. Instead, it is rich in a variety of nutrients such as protein, polyunsaturated acids, and vitamin E. It is one of the few products that contain both Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Thereby, it acts as a potent antioxidant agent. Precisely why it is so much popular as a skincare product.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil- What is The Best Skincare Ingredient?

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil- What is The Best Skincare Ingredient

Hemp and CBD oil, both of them are trending in the skincare market. But, are both of them the same in terms of potency and efficacy? Well, hemp oil is known to have incredible anti-inflammatory and moisturizing abilities. Hence, making skin supple. In addition to that, it has potent unclogging capabilities, as well. So, if you wish to heal your acne, or dealing with sensitive skin, rashes, or eczema, hemp oil will help you fight back with its antioxidants package.

On the other hand, CBD is acting like a cousin of hemp oil and providing a lot of similar benefits. Research is also stating the same facts about the skin benefits of CBD. It has powerful anti-inflammatory action, just like hemp seed. So, it’s a competition as it also helps to heal acne, eczema, psoriasis, and a lot of other conditions.

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CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil- What Are The Uses?

CBD oil is more about overall wellness and healthcare benefits. It helps to manage the internal balance so that your body behaves all the time, ideally. Most of the researchers are finding answers to the claims of CBD being the “miracle molecule” without any intoxicating effects. Although there are only a few pre-clinical trials, people depend more on the anecdotal results and their personal experiences while choosing CBD over any conventional therapies.

On the contrary, hemp oil is more about the “kitchen ingredient” that you can use as a health food or as a superfood. You can make smoothies and other delicacies utilizing this ingredient. In addition to that, hemp oil is a big name in the “skincare or beauty” industry as a primary ingredient in products like shampoos, conditions, creams, and others to protect the skin. Other than that, it is always available in paints, plastics, as a replacement for petroleum-based oil.

Key Takeaways

I hope with all the information; you might have created a clear picture around both the sister products. And the question “ What is The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?” will no longer be bothering you. However, make sure to check the labels before buying any product as hemp oil cannot replace CBD oil. So, thinking of purchasing hemp oil for obtaining the CBD effects will be entirely foolish of you. Also, make sure to get your medical marijuana card riverside or 420 med evaluations to access CBD sourced from cannabis legally.