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What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Smoking and Edibles?

2018 can be regarded as the “Year of Medical Cannabis”. It was supposedly the topic of discussion for everyone. Whether during November Ballot or Farm Bill 2018. It’s like the “happening ‘IN’ thing” in the town.

But, there are many confusions concerning cannabis consumption. Still, a number of thoughts occupy the mind of the users, like-

  • Which method should I choose?
  • How will my body react?
  • Will it be safe?
  • Will it be effective?

While there are many consumption methods available for cannabis, this blog will help you to understand the difference that sets the two most commonly used consumption methods apart from each other.

Smoking and Edibles- What sets them apart?

Smoking has been the most common method of using marijuana since the earliest times.

However, in recent years marijuana edibles such as brownies, lollipops, candies, and many other products have surfaced the market.

With smoking, THC enters the lungs, where it is given access to thousands of the alveoli. After that, the component reaches the blood plasma, Hence the effects of THC are felt almost instantly.

But as it is said,” It goes away as fast as it comes”.

Similarly, with smoking, the concentration peak is reached within 10 minutes, but it starts to wear off within the next hour.

However, when cannabis is ingested, THC present in the cannabis is metabolized by the liver into 11-hydroxy THC, which is the most effective form of THC that crosses blood-brain barrier rapidly.

Metabolic Pathway Lungs

Though, this mode requires a longer processing time of between 30 minutes to 2 hours but, once the onset is reached, the effects last up to several hours together.

Effect of smoked versus eaten cannabis


Other Differences include-

  • Taste

Edibles come in varying tastes and flavors, hence providing dank and delicious tastes in candy, salad, or lattes. However, smoking is very much bland.

  • Smell

Unfortunately, cannabis smoking might create a series of unpleasantry smell which often people using wish to hide. Contrary to that, edibles have no such issues. Moreover, one can try making their own cannabis delights at their places as well.

What is Healthier- Smoking or Edibles?

Smoking cannabis is extremely relaxing with a quick onset of action but, one must be aware that smoking leaves by-products (hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide, and many others) which can either be toxic or carcinogenic.

Not only this, public smoking is prohibited as second-hand exposure to smoke poses health risks as well.

With edibles, one can enjoy discretion with no issues of odor or any health risks to others.

However, it is advisable to gradually increase the dosage of cannabis by starting with either 2.5/5mg THC concentration.

Bottom line is, cannabis consumption is totally a personal preference. However, one must be clear of the effects that a particular consumption method is producing. With cannabis smoking, you can get instant results, so might be suitable for relieving pains of any sort.

With cannabis edibles, one can get a longer duration of effects, so people having psychological disorders are likely to be benefited from this consumption method. Hence, choose wisely or consult doctors providing 420 med evaluations for further information.