Cannabis Concentrate Guide For Beginners

Many unique benefits are only available if a person consumes a concentrate in contrast to a flower. Beyond the easy, precise dosage there is also the added advantage of refined and clean flavors. Concentrates, for the most part, focus on the things that are important for medical purposes that is the ingredients.

Cannabis concentrates come in various shapes and forms. To a beginner, it can often be an incredibly intimidating experience. To make the whole process a little easier, medical marijuana Riverside CA has compiled a list of the most popular cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates come in all variants, there is THC and CBD, available together as well as separately.

Let’s cut the small talk and dive into what types of cannabis concentrates are.


The crystal dusting on top of the cannabis flower is called the Kief. The plants’ resin glands(called trichomes) make this substance. They are tiny, sticky and full of the good stuff.

Kief is a full spectrum concentrate i.e. THC, CBD, terpenes and all other compounds come together to harmonize and produce the desired effects. History shows that when you press kief, you get hash. This thus is extremely potent concentrate.

Vape Oil

When it comes to starter items, nothing can beat a portable pre-filled vape pen. Inherently simple to use, you can adjust the delivery of the vapor.

Many different variants vape oils come in, it can be different based on virtually anything. Strains, flavors, and potencies. You name it, it probably is available.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

This compound is created by soaking cannabis in pure naphtha or isopropyl. This process helps extract the therapeutic compounds in the form of a dark liquid after the solvent finally evaporates completely.

You can directly put RSO on the skin or ingest it orally. Whatever works for you. It is not the most flavourful but in terms of a straightforward way of relieving symptoms, it is the best.


Until the probation in 1937, tinctures rules the roost. It was the most common form of cannabis medication in the US. Then the probation happened followed by a ban on cannabis. So, it kind of got lost in so many things.

Procurement of tinctures takes place through alcohol extraction. Where cannabis is first put to soak in alcohol and then extracted. Tinctures like most concentrates are extremely potent.

Effects take place in about 15-20 minutes after which if you feel it isn’t strong enough, you can always take a little more.

Oil Capsules 

This is the closest method one can find in terms of traditional medicines. You take these capsules like you would any herbal supplement. Full of THC, CBD or a combination of any other cannabinoids present. They provide a good, controlled experience.

Ideally, choose a low dosage capsule and gradually increase it over time until you reach the perfect dosage. The experience of a capsule is pretty predictable. Since the dosage is very precise the margin of error is very small.


This is right out of history. That stretches back thousands of years. Hash is a tradition that remains alive till date in two places prominently. One is Persia, the other is the Indian subcontinent.

The THC content of hash can be anywhere from 40-60 % whereas the cannabis flower has anywhere between 15-25%.

Traditional ways of making hash are still practiced. But that does not mean more efficient ways have not come into the foray. Methods that involve sieves, mechanical pressure, and ice water are great for producing exceptional quality hash.

Each one of these methods has its pros and cons. A concentrate can help you reach a euphoric high, non-intoxicating symptoms or gentle relaxation, but all of that depends on what you choose. So, choose the concentrate that caters the most to your needs.