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Buying Cannabis? Here are 6 Tips You Should Remember

It takes about 10 minutes to consult medical marijuana doctors in Riverside, CA and get a medical card. But the same cannot be said about buying cannabis. At least not if you prioritize safety and good experience.

Buying cannabis may seem like a simple exchange of money. But if it’s your first time, you may feel overwhelmed with the varieties of products and strains. You cannot choose anything and call it a day, especially if you are a medical patient. And this is just one of the many important factors that should not be overlooked.

So before you decide to spend your money on cannabis, here are some tips that can help you make the right decision. 

Get acquainted with the legalities

You may be aware of the legalization of medical as well as recreational cannabis in California. But marijuana laws and legalities go beyond this aspect. If you are going to consume cannabis, you should learn of all the legalities that surround it to avoid any chance of legal persecution. 

For starters, there are several limits that can lead to a penalty if not followed. The possession limit allows you to have 8 ounces of cannabis and 2000mg of THC per packet if you are a medical cannabis consumer. So keep this information in mind whenever you buy cannabis. In addition to this, there is a set legal age. If you are 21 years and above, you can legally consume cannabis in California. For medical cannabis, the age lowers to 18. These are some of the basic restrictions that you must be aware of to avoid any problems.

The bigger legal issues arise when you are not in California. Marijuana laws are very flexible here. But not all states have the same level of liberality. Their medical marijuana program may be totally different from that of California. In that case, it is risky to cross borders with cannabis.

The same is the case with the federal government. They haven’t yet decriminalized cannabis. This makes you susceptible to arrest especially in areas that are under federal jurisdiction. So be very careful when flying with medical or recreational marijuana.

Take time to choose a source

The source of your cannabis product makes a lot of difference in the type of experience you get out of cannabis. This is why you must take the time to decide on the right source before making your first purchase. But how do you do that? Let’s take a look.

The first step is to narrow down the sources that are closest to you. After all, convenience is important, right? Then make a choice based on their pros and cons. 

First, go through their online catalog and look at the varieties they offer. Make sure they have all the requirements of the type of delivery method you choose like accessories and cannabis type. Now move on to compare the price points. As a medical cannabis consumer, you will need to fit in cannabis in our daily expenses. So the more affordable the product the better. Some dispensaries have higher prices based on their location. For example, a dispensary located near an airport will have more expensive products than one on a random street. Take time to find the cheapest licensed source for yourself. Lastly, remember to collect some social proof. Talk to people who have been a customer of the dispensary. Or read through the review and get a better idea of the attitude of the staff, the quality of the products, varieties and the effectiveness of their products.

Choose quality over price

Along with licensed dispensaries and online stores, there are some illegal sources around the corner. They are usually around selling cannabis for cheap prices. When you come across such too good to be true deals, walk in the opposite direction. It may seem like a tempting deal but it’s more than likely that they are not a registered seller. These products run the risk of poor quality. Cannabis can be contaminated with substances like sand talcum, sugar or even silica. Sometimes the stash has more leaves, seeds and stems than buds which is the useful part. And most importantly, they are not labeled. So you wouldn’t know for sure about the strain, safety and quality of the product. So ultimately, you will not get the worth of your money. 

A licensed source, on the other hand, has proper labels, tests for contaminants and quality assurance. You can identify if a dispensary is licensed or not by checking if the store has a QR code. If the store has one, you can scan it and get all the information about its legitimacy.

So what would you choose- safety or cheap deals?

Learn about the indicators of good quality cannabis

Start learning how to identify good cannabis from the bad. All you have to do is put your sense to use and identify these characteristics. 

Good quality cannabis

  • It is a shade of green with tinges of color that coincide with the strain type. 
  • Generally smells skunky, piney and earthy. Or like apples, flowers or lavender based on the terpene profile. 
  • It’s sticky but neither too wet nor too dry. 
  • Has a tightly packed structure.

Poor quality cannabis

  • Has a fuzzy appearance or too powdery. 
  • Is a shade of brown with hints of yellow. 
  • Smells like mowed grass and human odor. 
  • Is not cured properly. This is why it is either too wet or too dry. 
  • Is loose and brittle. 

Learn of all the safety measures 

Cannabis is a medication for many but it cannot rule out the fact that it has some side effects. So when you start using cannabis, you must also be prepared to have a safe experience. 

Most of the side effects arise due to overdose which is very common among beginners. Paranoia, anxiety, headache and nausea are some of the many symptoms of an overdose. Avoid this by practicing microdosing. Consult the medical marijuana doctors in Riverside, CA to have a better idea about your first dose. 

In addition to this, learn how to sober up after a high dose. Here are a few tips:

  • Drink water to flush out excess THC.
  • Have a healthy meal. 
  • Distract yourself with activities like watching a movie, walking and bathing.
  • Sleep it out.
  • Use CBD to counter the effects of THC.

Get an MMJ Card for perks

If you haven’t yet applied for a medical card, it’s time that you do because you are missing out on some exclusive privileges. 

Though California has legalized recreational cannabis too, a medical card allows people using medical cannabis to take advantage of several perks. For instance, medical cannabis is exempted from paying any sales and use tax. It helps you avoid any added costs on your purchase. Also, every limit related to cannabis is flexible for medical cannabis compared to recreational marijuana. The former has higher possession and grow limits in comparison to the latter. So getting a MMJ Card is only an added benefit.

I hope you understand now why buying cannabis is not just an exchange of money. So make it worth your effort and hard-earned dollars and remember these tips whenever you are making a purchase.