Best Medical Marijuana Strains to Treat Your PTSD Symptoms

Best Medical Marijuana Strains to Treat Your PTSD Symptoms

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a disorder that is a direct result of some kind of horrible past event that the patient has either experienced firsthand or been a witness to. The major symptoms of PTSD include anxiety, flashbacks, extreme mood swings etc. Hence this condition causes great despair among the patients as they relive the horrible event repeatedly and suffer from some form of physical or mental anguish afterward.

To then treat this disorder with the help of medical marijuana solutions is like a dream come true. A patient needs to simply apply for the medical marijuana card, get an evaluation from a state-licensed professional and ask them how they can use the 420 solutions to treat the symptoms of PTSD in their body. The doctor would for sure suggest important ways to incorporate the special medical marijuana solutions for the successful treatment of their PTSD symptoms.

Before we go on to suggest some important medical marijuana strains for treating the symptoms of PTSD, we should first be aware of the exact symptoms of this disorder.

What Are the Major Symptoms of PTSD?

Since post-traumatic stress disorder is essentially an anxiety disorder, we know that most of the symptoms of PTSD will manifest themselves in some form of mental problem only. If we wish to treat this disorder it is important to first recognize the major symptoms that the patients of PTSD often complain about.


Anxiousness is one of the worst symptoms of PTSD that can catch the patient in its deathly grip. This is also one of the most common symptoms that almost every PTSD patient suffers from on a regular. To relive the terrible event, time and time again through flashbacks or recurrent nightmares can cause this anxiety in the patients.

This affects the day-to-day life functionality of the patients while also consider lowering down the quality of life for them.

Intrusive Flashbacks

Another recognizable symptom of PTSD is the reliving of the traumatic event that the patient has suffered through or witnessed. It is not something that the patients can control. These unwanted and unavoidable memories force themselves on the brain of the individual causing great emotional distress. This symptom can in the long term also hamper the mental growth of the patient.

Negative Mood Swings

When the patient lives and relives the intrusive memories of the past event, either through vivid flashbacks or recurrent nightmares, the mood is bound to be adversely affected. Suffering from such mental anguish will definitely lead to negative mood swings in the patients. The patient’s mood is dangling from a thin rope which makes them vulnerable to developing a depressive mood and negative mindset for life.

After uncovering all these symptoms of PTSD, it is quite obvious that the PTSD patient is almost always suffering in life. The traditional treatment of PTSD has been in the form of psychotherapies and dosage of certain medicinal drugs or the new Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT. For some patients, these therapies work effectively but for some, they absolutely don’t.

For the patients who haven’t yet found medicine for their PTSD can easily give a try to medical marijuana solutions. There are certain special medical marijuana strains that they can try out to treat the symptoms of PTSD for them.

Best Medical Marijuana Strains to Treat PTSD Symptoms

The evils of PTSD cannot be stressed enough and to get rid of the symptoms then becomes somewhat of a basic necessity for the patients. Since about 3.5 percent of U.S. adults suffer from PTSD every year, it is a matter of great concern. Let us then go through the list of important medical marijuana strains that can help in the treatment of the symptoms of PTSD.


With little to no psychoactive effects, Harlequin is a special marijuana strain. The only thing that a patient must know about this is that it is a sativa dominant strain that is rich in CBD. Combining the goodness of 8% CBD and 5% THC, the desired effects of pain relief and anxiety-free benefits can be felt by the patients on regular consumption of this particular strain.

OG Kush

The popular and most well-known marijuana strain that exists in the market today is undoubtedly OG Kush. With THC percentage of 18% and only about 1% of CBG this particular strain can really help patients of PTSD to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The peaceful vibe that the patient experiences after the consumption of this strain is rare.

Blue Dream

A Sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream successfully gives the users a full body relaxation experience. This strain comes in special aromas and flavors that the patient can use as per preference and convenience. It has a high THC content which lies between the range of 17 to 27%. This might give a little high effect to the user but it will definitely not be too much. It is recognized for its mood upliftment benefits.


Cannatonic is quite high in its CBD or cannabidiol concentration. This is the reason why it is so important for the user to feel relaxed and easy. Certain aggressive behaviors that a patient of PTSD sometimes experiences can also be handled with this special strain. It will help the patient in not getting affected by the extreme mood swings as well as will work towards dispersing any of the depressive or anxious feelings.

Pineapple Express

This is another significant strain that PTSD patients can easily make good use of. Users can enjoy this special strain and enjoy the feeling of level-headedness and complete calm. Insomniacs absolutely love this peace-inducing strain, as they should. Hence if any of the PTSD patients are suffering from insomnia, they can easily consume this strain to enjoy a blissful life.

Final Thoughts

Narrating the symptoms and suggesting certain strains is enough for PTSD patients to lead a good healthy life ahead. There are other strains that a patient can also make use of to treat issues like inflammation as well. It is hence advisable for the patients to always research the strains they wish to use for the treatment of any of the diseases troubling them.