Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About CBD

CBD and THC are the two main compounds that are found in the cannabis plants. While THC is known for being a psychoactive compound, CBD is known for mainly having medical values. But, there are a lot of things about CBD that you probably are not familiar with. When it comes to medical cannabis, first you need to get a medical marijuana card in Riverside to buy it.

These days, CBD is almost everywhere; from health stores to yoga studios. In fact, the media and news outlets are also on board with the CBD wave now. They are now telling people more about this all-natural cannabinoid and the benefits it has. Still, there’s a lot of information about CBD that people are not aware of. There are also some historical and scientific facts that you should definitely know. Having said that, here are some of the most amazing facts about CBD that you probably didn’t know.

Fact 1. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD

This is so much misinformation about CBD on the internet. Many people still believe that CBD comes from only one type of cannabis plant. But in reality, you can find CBD in both hemp and marijuana. It is present throughout the flowers, stems, stalks, seeds, and leaves of these two plants. 

While CBD is present in both hemp and marijuana, marijuana naturally has lower concentrations of CBD than THC. THC is the compound that has euphoric properties. On the other hand, hemp contains higher levels of CBD than THC. In fact, hemp only contains trace amounts of THC and is dominated by CBD. This is why hemp becomes an ideal choice for getting CBD extract products including CBD oil. Also, hemp cultivars become more environmentally sustainable than marijuana as they grow much faster than marijuana. 

There are a lot of unique varieties of hemp, and every variety has a different percentage of CBD. Some have a higher concentration than the others. These varieties with higher percentages are used to create CBD oil. And the other varieties are mainly used to make fiber.

Fact 2. Royal families took the use of CBD

In the present scenario, cannabis has been stigmatized and restricted. But throughout history, people used derivatives of cannabis such as CBD. And one of the biggest examples can be of Queen Victoria, ruler of England from 1837 to 1901. She ruled England till she died in 1901.

Today, the preliminary scientific evidence and various anecdotes suggest that CBD can be used to get relief from pain. It is believed that the queen also knew this, and used cannabis with a high percentage of CBD to manage menstrual cramps.

Fact 3. CBD may actually help in fighting cancer

A study by the National Cancer Institute suggests that CBD with THC can be very effective in managing various symptoms related to cancer treatment. Not only this, but it might also be able to hinder or destroy tumor cells. In this case, it is specifically for breast cancer. 

More research is still going to learn more about the relation between cancer and CBD. But the study shows that CBD may stop the growth of cancerous cells while not affecting healthy nontumorigenic cells. 

Fact 4. You can use CBD topically

People generally associate the use of cannabis with smoking. But now we have a lot of different ways to consume cannabis; ways that do not involve smoking a joint or bong. Thanks to a lot of innovation and research in the field of cannabis. And one of the best ways to use cannabis is cannabis topicals such as balms, soaps, and sprays. These products, infused with cannabis, are a great way to deal with localized pain, inflammation, and even skin irritations. 

You simply have to apply cannabis topical product to the affected area, and it gets absorbed through your skin. Cannabis topicals have become very popular among patients now. There are a lot of patients looking to get relief from symptoms of inflammation and swelling. A lot of arthritis patients are now using cannabis topicals for the same reason. CBD can also be very useful to people looking for relief from itching or skin irritations.

Fact 5. CBD can also be beneficial for your animals

We love our pets and want them to stay healthy and happy forever. CBD has natural balancing properties that can benefit all the animals. That means, it can also help our beloved pets stay healthy. Every mammal like a dog, cat, and more, has an endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Cannabinoids interact with this bodily system, ECS. This is why animals also experience cannabis in almost the same way humans do. This is also the reason why cannabis is usually tested on rats.

A lot of people are now discovering how CBD can help their pets lead a healthy life. Now, you can find a lot of cannabis supplements for animals on the market. Many pet owners are now buying cannabis products such as CBD oil, infused treats, and cannabis topicals for their pets. These products help animals in various ways. CBD can promote your pet’s cardiovascular function and neurological health along with emotional behavior. Other than this, it can also support healthy joints of your pet. Many pet owners claim that the nutritional profile of CBD oil complements the dietary requirements of their pets. CBD supplements can also help in managing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, and chronic pain and inflammation. It can even control anxiety in pets. 

Fact 6. Not every cannabis plant has CBD

While CBD comes from cannabis plants, you can not find it in every variety of cannabis plants. Most of the time, cannabis used for recreational uses comes with just trace amounts of CBD. 

THC is more potent than CBD. Since the 1980s, cannabis breeders and seedbanks have been focusing on producing more potent cannabis. Which means cannabis strains that are rich in THC to offer the out-of-the-world high. However, since the popularity of CBD, seed banks have been offering more cannabis strains that are rich in CBD. And these strains are used for both medical and recreational purposes. In hemp plants, CBD is usually present in higher levels.

Final words

These were some of the amazing facts about CBD that you probably didn’t know. These facts prove the versatility of CBD that people miss out to see.