A Helpful Guide to Saving Money With Cannabis

Cannabis treatments can be a costly affair. With all the taxes and other extra charges, the inconvenience of driving to the dispensary and the expense of cannabis accessories, the overall bill can rise to a hefty sum. Since health insurance doesn’t provide any helping hand either, your wallet can bear the brunt of buying cannabis every month. 

But thankfully, there are a lot of different ways that you can try to use cannabis for your medical condition without having to drown in the expenditure. For starters, try visiting a marijuana doctor in Riverside using telemedicine. Not only is it more affordable but also very convenient. The entire process is complete within a few minutes. 

Once you receive your recommendation, all you have to do is try following to save money with cannabis.

Buy From Trusted Sources Only

If you want to have quality as well as affordable cannabis, state dispensaries are the way to go. These sellers are licensed and abide by the quality standards of the state government. So you can be assured that every product of the dispensary is of high quality. 

Now, talking of affordability, state dispensaries provide special privileges to registered medical marijuana patients. One, you are exempted from paying the sales and use tax. It can help you save up to 29 percent on cannabis purchases. Two, you can ask for special discounts. Every medical marijuana patient can ask the budtender for special prices and discounts. 

Always Carry Your MMJ Card 

After getting a medical marijuana recommendation, one thing must remember is to always carry it with you. You can get it converted into an MMJ card which is more convenient as it fits your wallet just like a driver’s license. 

Having an MMJ card with you at all times has its perks. You can always save money on your purchases from any cannabis store in the city. And you can avoid any fines or legal penalty for possessing cannabis or traveling with it as long as you have your card with you. 

Grow Your Own Cannabis

If buying cannabis is a costly affair for you, why not invest a little and make your own cannabis garden. That’s right. As a medical marijuana patient, you have the legal right (only in some states) to grow your own cannabis at home. With a few seeds and a small pot, you can grow your cannabis plants and never again worry about visiting a dispensary. If you need more plants, you can always apply for a growers license and grow up to 99 cannabis plants. 

Learn to Make Edibles at Home

Out of the different cannabis products in the market, edibles can be a little more expensive than others. So, if you use edibles as a way of cannabis consumption, you can save money by trying to make some in your own kitchen. 

Begin by learning the basics such as the right dosing technique and the decarboxylation process that you can do at home. Once you get a hang of it, you will be able to use it to infuse cannabis in any of your favorite foods. 

Store Your Stash Properly

If you can extend the use of your cannabis stash, you eventually save money by reducing the need to restock. Most patients try to buy a big stock of cannabis in a single trip to save money as well as reduce the regular trips to the dispensary. But, it won’t help unless you save your stash in a proper way. Or you may be left with a huge amount of cannabis that is either contaminated with mold or has reduced potency. 

Avoid the degradation of your cannabis stash by storing them in glass containers in a dark and cool place. 

Reuse Already Vaped Cannabis

If you prefer vaping, then you must be aware of the huge chunk of cannabis that is left after a session. Well, instead of tossing it away in your trash, reuse it. Already vaped buds have residues of cannabinoids and other chemicals. Make use of it by turning them into edibles, capsules or brewed tea. And the best part is that you don’t even have to decarboxylate them. 

Now you know that medical cannabis may take some portion of your monthly bills but you can always manage the costs using some simple tips. So, don’t wait and get your recommendation today from your nearest marijuana doctor Riverside.